weed out


1. remove someone/something not suitable or good enough






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weed out the unsuitable options/applicants

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A 'weed' is a plant that is considered undesirable in a garden. The phrasal verb 'weed out' means to remove something undesirable or unwanted from a group. When you 'weed out' people or things you identify the ones you do not want and remove them from the others. This is quite a casual phrase but this phrasal verb can be used in both social and professional contexts. Similar in meaning to, 'eradicate', 'exclude', 'reject' or 'to clear'.

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  1. The list of places I'd like to visit on my travels is a bit long at the moment. I need to have a bit of a weeding out process to get rid of some of the unrealistic options.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. I am currently going through the list of applicants to weed out those unsuitable for the job.
  2. When I first took took over as manager, I quickly weeded out the employees who I felt were either not capable or simply not pulling their weight.

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sort (it) (out) eliminate

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