washed out


1. faded, colorless






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washed out clothes

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'Washed out' is an adjective used to describe something faded, pale or no longer bright as though it were a piece of clothing that has been repeatedly washed. When you say a person looks 'washed out' it means that they look pale tired and possibly a bit sick. This is an informal adjective and telling someone they look 'washed out' might be insulting, so be careful.

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  1. The blue color of your dress has washed out to almost white.
  2. My red shirt doesn't look good on me now, it's washed out due to regular use.

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  1. After his return to work after being in the hospital he looked haggard and washed out.
  2. He used to be one of the worlds highest paid motivational speakers, but now he is popularity has washed out.

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