1. absolutely necessary, essential






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vital signs/importance, sth is absolutely vital

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Something 'vital' is impossible to do without, is completely necessary or essential. The 'vital organs' of the body are organs that you cannot survive without. This is an adjective and can also mean 'lively' or full of energy. "He is a vital young man." You will often hear this used in corporate contexts to talk about important processes or procedures. "Testing is a vital part of the process."

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  1. A good understanding of grammar and vocabulary is vital when learning a new language.
  2. It was of vital importance that everything was recorded for future research.
  3. The Nurse checked the patient's vital signs before calling the Doctor.

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  1. Paul knew a good relationship with his supervisor would be vital for his success in his new role.
  2. There are a few programs that I would say are vital to my productivity.

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