1. relax after a period of work or tension






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unwind after a stressful day

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The verb 'unwind' means to undo the process of winding something. You can 'unwind a scarf' from around your neck or 'unwind' a coil or spring or unwind ivy from around a tree for example. 'To unwind' also means 'to relax' particularly after a period of tension or stress. Similar in meaning to 'loosen up', 'decompress' or 'destress'. 

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  1. After a long, stressful day in work, Mary went to the sauna to unwind.
  2. Yoga and exercise are excellent ways to unwind following examinations.

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  1. Providing rest pods, a company canteen and tea and coffee stations are all ways to help your employees to unwind during the working day.
  2. We had to unwind a lot of cables before we found the problem. It's going to take a while to put back together again.

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