under scrutiny | under the microscope


1. being watched or examined closely






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come under close scrutiny

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Something 'under scrutiny' is being examined or monitored in a critical way. Similarly 'under the microscope' means to examine something or to analyse it closely. Both of these phrases have a negative connotation. When you put something 'under the microscope' or 'under scrutiny' it is usually because you expect to find something wrong with it. These expressions can be used as verbs or adverbs.  

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  1. The media put the politician's private life under the microscope after he was caught up in the scandal.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Advance)

  1. I'm sure I will come under close scrutiny in the interview, but I have prepared as well as I can for it.
  2. The company have faced calls for greater transparency as their financial accounts are hidden from public scrutiny.
  3. Ever since I got that official reprimand from my boss, I feel as if I am under the microscope at work.

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