1. amount of business a company does in a period of time, rate at which employees leave and are replaced






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good management resulted in a large turnover

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'Turnover' is a noun which usually refers to the amount of money received or taken in by a business over a period of time. You can talk about the 'turnover for this quarter' or the 'annual turnover' of a business or a trader. Staff 'turnover' is the number of employees who leave a workplace or place of employment in a particular time period. High staff turnover is usually an indication of poor management or compensation for employees. The 'turnover' of goods in a shop refers to the rate at which products or goods are sold and replaced, high turnover, in this case, is positive as it means that there is a high rate of sales. A 'turnover' can also mean a pastry or cake, usually filled with fruit, such as 'an apple turnover'.

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  1. The cafe owner's rudeness and lack of leadership qualities resulted in a high turnover of staff.
  2. Thanks to good management and high staff productivity, the company's annual turnover was up 25% on the previous year.

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  1. There was a period at the company where staff turnover was very high. That had a negative impact on morale as it made it impossible to form bonds or build friendships. There were new faces in the office every week!
  2. Revised estimates put the company's projected turnover in the $4 billion range due to the success of their ambitious expansion plans.

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