turn off


1. given a negative opinion or understanding






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turned off by sth, turned me off sth

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To turn something off can mean to switch it off.  "Could you turn off the oven please I'm finished using it?" To 'turn off' can also mean to leave or move away from a particular road, path, or route that you are travelling on. "To get there you need to turn off the main road at the first junction, and then continue on until you see the sign. "When you are 'turned off by' something, you dislike, lose interest in or are averse to it. "The job interview didn't go well. I think they were turned off by my bubbly personality." Turn off can also be a noun. "Bland food is a real turn off for me." A 'turn off' can be something that sexually repels you or you find unattractive. "His bad teeth are a real turn off." This is an informal phrase usually used more in social contexts.

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  1. My friend said she was going to get sick. It really turned me off my food!
  2. I had been so excited about going into Dublin for Christmas shopping, but I was really turned off by the crowds of people.
  3. Whenever I hear that singer performing that song, I try not to let it turn me off the song.

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  1. What kind of things do you see on C'V's that immediately turn you off inviting a candidate to interview?
  2. The constant changes in procedures and increasing targets are really turning me off working for this company.

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off-putting put off

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