turn away


1. refuse admittance or acceptance to something






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turn someone away from a place

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'Turn away' is a phrasal verb. To 'turn away' can mean to move in a different direction so as not to see or face something. "I have to turn away if there is boxing on the TV, I hate watching people getting hurt." You can also 'turn away' a person meaning to refuse them admittance into a place or an event or to refuse assistance to someone. "That man always asks me for money I hate having to turn him away." "I'm afraid we have to turn you away this evening. This area is reserved for a private event." you can also use turn away when you want to describe the process of stopping using something or figuratively 'moving away' from a practice, method or way of thinking. "Parents are turning away from corporal punishment in favour of other methods of discipline." "Consumers are turning away from sweet treats and instead are looking for snacks with high nutrient contents."

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  1. I didn't want Paul and Anne to come for dinner, but they're family so I could hardly turn them away.
  2. The crowd attending the outdoor concert was so high that the police had to start turning people away.

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  1. The company insisted that no application for the internship would be turned away without proper consideration.
  2. If anyone from VaptorCorp arrives at the conference, turn them away. They were very rude to us in the past.
  3. We are turning away from traditional advertising and diverting our funds into social media promotion.

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