to turn (something) on its head


1. to make something have the opposite effect or meaning






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turn the argument on its head

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When you 'turn something on its head' or 'stand something on its head' it means to make it have the opposite meaning from the original - to make it the opposite of what it should be. This could be something revolutionary that changes opinions or a new way of looking at something in a completely different way. 

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. Research into the effects of red meat on our diets has turned the original food pyramid on its head.
  2. The success of abolishing homework in Finland has turned former educational practices on their head.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Advance)

  1. The new research turned existing understanding on its head.
  2. If we can turn that argument on its head for a moment, we can consider this from another perspective.
  3. I am trying to be kind here, don't take what I am saying and turn it on its head.

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