to say the least


1. without any exaggeration, to put something mildly






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When I lost my job I was disappointed, to say the least

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When you use the expression 'to say the least' you mean to say the reality was actually much worse. This expression is used when you are explaining a situation in the politest or simplest way possible but the actual details are more extreme or worrying. This expression can be used in both social and professional contexts.

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  1. When I was on the phone to my friend complaining about my roommate, I didn't realise that she could hear every word. From then on, things were awkward between us, to say the least. 
  2. I admit that Paul could have been more considerate, to say the least, but I don't think that he meant to cause you any offence with what he did.

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  1. When I was told that I was fired from my job I was disappointed, to say the least but I didn't waste any time getting back on the horse.
  2. Sophie finished top of the monthly sales chart for the fifth time in a row. She's pretty good at her job, to say the very least.

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