to better (something)


1. to improve or make better






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better the lives/situation/circumstances

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 The adjective 'better; is a comparative of 'good'. If you 'better' someone or something, you are comparing favourably to it or them. 'Better' can also be used as a verb. 'To better something' can mean to improve or to make more tolerable. "We have implemented a number of changes to better the work environment for our employees." 'To better' can also mean 'to make more complete. "I am looking forward to bettering my knowledge of your work." When something surpasses something else in excellence or quality you can also use 'to better'. "Maria bettered her sales record by over 22% this year." As an intransitive verb, it means 'to become better'. "The situation is bettering but there is still a way to go." Most of these uses are more popular in formal or written English.

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. The government are working hard to better the lives of everyone in the country.
  2. New ideas and plans are required to better this situation.
  3. I think we could better our circumstances if we spent less money.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. We can better our position in the market by investing heavily in promotion.
  2. We want all of our employees to better themselves and move up within the company. That is why we are offering free training to all of our employees in every department.
  3. How can we better our offering to our customers by packaging our products together to make a better deal?

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