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1) an impressive/significant size or amount
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    • a thumping victory/majority
  • Analysis
     'Thumping' is an adjective and adverb used to describe something very large in size, great or excellent. 'Thumping' can also refer to something severe or great. 'Thumping' also describes a rhythmic pounding or throbbing. As a noun, 'a thumping' is 'a beating'. 'Thumping' is also the present participle and gerund of the verb 'to thump' meaning 'to strike' by hand or with an instrument or to move forcefully or with a loud sound. It also means to pulse or beat (such as the heart), usually with fear or excitement or to play music with too much enthusiasm. You can use 'thumping' in different contexts both socially and formally.
  • Social Examples (Advance)
    1. The lacrosse team sealed the championship win with a thumping victory.
    2. Her heart started thumping loudly when she heard footsteps upstairs.
    3. The band played a thumping rendition of the theme tune to open the show.
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. The committee chairman was elected by a thumping majority.
    2. The merger led to a thumping 1.5 million rise in profits.
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