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(here/there) you (are/go)

here you arehere you gothere you arethere you go
1) a phrase used to indicate that you are giving someone something
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    • here/there you are/go
  • Analysis
    This phrase draws attention to the fact you are handing something over to someone else. Saying 'here you go' or 'there you are' is a response you might give after someone asks you for something, e.g. "Can I use those scissors? - Sure, here you go!" The phrase 'there you go' can be used in a similar way, but it can also be used to encourage someone, particularly if you are giving them instructions: "If you click on that it will give you a list of options - there you go!" "Keep your balance while you are cycling - there you go! You can do it!" 'There you are' can also be used colloquially as a way of giving reassurance or saying 'I told you so': "Don't touch that or you'll break it! There you go, I knew that was going to happen." These are all expressions you would use primarily in spoken English with people you know well or people you work with.
  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. I handed him the box and said, Here you go.
    2. The shop assistant handed the customer her change and said, There you go.
    3. There you go! said the proud mother when her daughter received excellent exam results.
    4. Mom handed us the sweets and said, Here you go, kids.
    5. When he gave me the money he owed me, he said, Here you are.
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. Here you go, these are the reports you asked for yesterday.
    2. I think I have that data saved here somewhere. There you go, I'm emailing it to you now.
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