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(teeming/swarming) with

teeming withswarming with
1) full of, overwhelmed by
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    • teeming/swarming with fish/people/flies
  • Analysis

    If a place is teeming or swarming with something, it is considered to be full or almost full of that thing. Busy shopping malls might be teeming with people; just like airports, train and bus stations, etc. Similarly, if you say a place is 'swarming' with something, you are saying that those things are everywhere, like insects or ants, perhaps. 'Swarming' is more suited to flying or crawling creatures, but you might joke that the city was 'swarmed by' or 'swarming with' shoppers on Black Friday! These are informal terms that you will usually hear in relaxed or social situations, or with people you are comfortable speaking naturally with.

  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. The lake was teeming with fish, so it was easy to catch something.
    2. I couldn't really find what I wanted, because the shopping mall was teeming with people.
    3. The place is swarming with flies! They're everywhere!
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. The networking event was teeming with potential clients, so I got hundreds of business cards printed and handed them out to everyone I met.
    2. The opening event was swarming with people, I hope they all come back to make a purchase very soon.
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