take a moment


1. stop and consider something for a brief period of time






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take a moment to think about something

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When you 'take a moment' you do something for a short amount of time such as a couple of minutes. You might take a moment to think about something, you could ask someone to take a moment to look at your work or to review something. 'A moment' is an unspecific short amount of time.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. Before committing to anything, I think you should take a moment to think about whether you are doing the right thing.
  2. Jane took a moment to gather her thoughts before giving her speech. It helped to calm her nerves and get her in the right frame of mind.
  3. I think that taking a moment everyday to consider those less fortunate than us is a good way to appreciate our own lives better.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. This new information changes a few things for our strategy. Let's take a moment to consider the implications.
  2. This has been a long discussion and very emotive. Let's take a moment to get some air and regroup later on.

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