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(stand) on solid ground

on solid groundstand on solid ground
1) in a situation or position where you are confident or secure
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    • I was on solid ground discussing that subject
  • Analysis

    If you say you are 'on solid ground' it means you are safe or secure usually because you are in a situation where you feel confident or knowledgeable. Literally to 'be on solid ground' means to land safely from a boat or flight onto the ground so when you use this phrase figuratively it means to be safe in your argument, position or abilities.

  • Professional Examples (Advance)
    1. I think we're on solid ground when we highlight our work with the environment. We have an excellent track record in that department.
    2. Now is not the time for taking risks. We need to get the company's finances back onto solid ground.
    3. It was hard for me to discuss the numbers and figures during my sales pitch, but I was standing on more solid ground when it came to speaking about marketing.
  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. We are on solid ground with our finances this year. We are sticking to our budget and saving a good percentage of our income.
    2. Their relationship is back on solid ground after their marriage counselling.
    3. It's nice to be back on solid ground after two days on a ferry.
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