1. divide or delegate






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split the workload/bill/cost

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 To split something as a verb means to break or divide into parts (usually in half or into fractions.) "He split the logs in half to place on the fire." "She split the loaf of bread in two and gave him half." When talking about a group of people 'to split up' refers to dividing into two or more groups. "We should split up and work on different angles, that way we will get more work done." When talking about objects to split something can mean to divide or share between a number of people. "As a co-op, we split all of the profits between the members." "We try to split the responsibilities evenly among all of the employees." If you 'split away' from something it means to separate yourself or to divide away from a group or organisation. "We split away from the organisation and created our own club'"  To 'split up'  refers to ending a romantic or professional relationship. "Mary and Fred split up in June." "The band split up to pursue solo careers." A group that is divided because of opposing views or differences of opinion can also be said to have 'split' or 'split up'. "The party have split over divisive opinions on access to healthcare." Someone has a very severe headache they might use the phrase, 'my head is splitting', to say that it feels as if their head is literally splitting apart. To split from somewhere can also mean 'to leave'. This is a very informal use usually heard in social contexts. "I don't like the atmosphere in here, let's split." As a noun, 'a split' can refer to crack in something, particularly when referring to wooden objects. "Be careful, these stairs are old and there are a few splits in the wood." A 'split' can refer to an amount divided between people. "a 50:50 split of the proceeds", or a division or separation. "The disagreement caused a split in the government." An ending of a marriage or other relationship can also be referred to as 'a split'. "The actor and his wife are in the middle of a difficult split." In gymnastics or dance, 'a split' or 'the splits' is a movement or position where both legs are at right angles to the body. 

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  1. There were six of us out for dinner, so we decided to split the bill between us all.
  2. We split the cost of the holiday, so it worked out much cheaper than it would have been.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. Splitting the workload evenly between team members is an important part of being a manager.
  2. If we split the work between us, we'll finish a lot quicker.
  3. I'll have to split from here at 3.30, I have to catch a train at 4.
  4. I heard the board have split over the decision to hire a new manager.

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