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sort (it) (out)

sortsort itsort it out
1) find a solution, achieve or arrange an end
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    • I sorted it all out, I got sorted
  • Analysis

    To 'sort', something can mean to categorise things or organise something according to common features. In computing and IT 'to sort' means to arrange data according to a particular sequence. 'Sort' can also mean to resolve a problem or difficulty. To 'sort something out' can mean to deal with a problem or an issue and find a resolution. 

  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. The cake won't arrive on time for the party, but there's a shop nearby, so I'll sort something out.
    2. I missed the bus to the airport but Gavin offered to drive me, so I'll sort it out and make the flight on time.
    3. The house is a mess, so I'm taking the weekend to sort it out and get it tidy.
    4. The travel agent got them sorted out with visas before travelling.
    5. The woman got sorted out by the doctor after breaking her leg.
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. If that client revokes this contract we are all in serious financial trouble, so whatever is making them unhappy, you need to sort it out.
    2. Can we sort you out with anything? Tea or coffee?
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