1. happening at the same time






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simultaneous attack/action/equation, attack simultaneously

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Simultaneous is used to describe something that occurs, happens, runs or is in progress at the same time as something else. "The two stages will have live bands playing simultaneously." "The program runs simultaneously in the background while you get on with other tasks."

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  1. Today, both London and New York suffered simultaneous terrorist attacks.
  2. At the concert, the musician was singing while simultaneously playing the piano.
  3. The match was broadcast simultaneously on different television channels around the world.
  4. At 6 am, the police carried out simultaneous raids on the homes of the members of the gang linked to the warehouse robbery.
  5. I hated simultaneous equations in school. I couldn't even solve one of them without the teacher's help!

Check Icon Professional Examples (Advance)

  1. Workplace automation means that several repetitive tasks can simultaneously be addressed by one program.
  2. It is not realistic to expect employees to concentrate well on several tasks simultaneously.

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