1. parts of a company or organization that operate in isolation from others






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working in silos can lead to poor communication between departments

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As a noun, a 'silo' is an area used to store grain or food on a farm or an underground area where weapons are stored. As a verb to silo something means to isolate or separate a team, process, or department from others. This is a formal expression you will wear off in here used in corporate or business contexts.

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  1. A silo mentality within an organization can make a team or department much less likely to share ideas or resources with other groups or take on board outside opinions. 
  2. One of the major problems affecting the company was that different departments worked in silos, cut off from other parts of the organization which then led to a lack of cohesion and a breakdown in communication.
  3. Setting up cross-functional teams is a good way of breaking down silos within a business, and can have a positive effect on staff morale and productivity.

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  1. We have many community organisations in the area which attempt to address the issue of homelessness however they are siloed without a cohesive base or main space in which to share resources.
  2. A major fire hazard in the countryside are silos which have fallen into disrepair or have faulty wiring.

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