1. silly or high-spirited behaviour, mischief






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there was shenanigans after work/at the party/in the nightclub

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'Shenanigans' is a noun referring to secret or dishonest activity. "Their shenanigans are going to get you into trouble someday." It can also refer to high spirited behaviour or mischievous play, especially by children. "They're playing together outside getting up to all sorts of shenanigans." 'Shenanigans' can also refer to both good or mean spirited trickery or mischief. "His character was full of shenanigans, playing tricks and getting up to mischief."

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. There was shenanigans in the bar at the work party. We all had a great laugh!
  2. The shenanigans were caught on camera outside the wedding venue.
  3. There'll be no shenanigans here tonight. I want everyone to behave themselves.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. Sam is an exceptional salesman, but his career was impeded by his frequent shenanigans with high profile clients.

  2. I’m getting an accountant to go through the books to make sure there haven’t been any financial shenanigans.

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