set up


1. start or arrange something, make someone look guilty of a crime






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set up a business/deal

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Set up has a number of uses and meanings. As a noun, a 'set up' refers to how things are arranged or positioned, usually in a way that is optimal for items to be used. "Are you comfortable working in an open plan set up?" A 'set up' can also refer to a group or organisation. "I joined a set-up of environmental enthusiasts." A 'set up' can also be a scheme, arrangement or trick intended to humiliate or deceive someone. "I don't believe he is guilty, I believe it was a setup." As a verb 'to set someone up' can mean to provide for someone so that they can achieve a goal. "Her parents have set her up with a college fund." In an informal context, you might use 'set up' to mean to make someone ready or prepared or refreshed. "That lunch set me up for the busy afternoon ahead." To 'set up' someone can mean to arrange things so someone appears guilty or in order to trick someone in a humorous or harmful way. "He was set up in an elaborate hoax." To 'set up' can also mean to build or place something in a specific way. "Would you help me set up the room for the guests?" You can also 'set up' machinery or equipment so that it is ready to use. "The band have everything set up and are ready to play." You can also 'set up' a meeting, for example, meaning you have made arrangements or plans for something to happen. If you 'set up a project' it means to begin it or to start a process.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. When the man was arrested for murder, he told the police that he was innocent, insisting that someone had set him up.
  2. I rang the doctor's surgery to set up an appointment for my son. He has not been feeling well recently.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. Peter is one of my best employees. I will be setting him up with his own department next month as a reward for all his hard work.
  2. Alex set up the conference room so that everything the Board needed at the meeting was on hand.
  3. I set up the deal with the company, so I think it's only fair that I should get the biggest share of the profits.

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