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set a precedent

set a precedent
1) start a trend by being the first to do something
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    • set a precedent for
  • Analysis
    To 'set a precedent' is to establish a tradition or decision about the way things are to be done in the future. "The event was so impressive that it has set a precedent for department events in the future." In law, it is used to talk about cases or rules that are made that will impact similar situations or cases in the future. "This case will set a precedent for future cases around online harassment." This is a formal phrase you are more likely to hear in professional environments.
  • Professional Examples (Advance)
    1. Court cases like Roe v. Wade set a precedent for similar cases and made way for dramatic changes to the judicial system.
    2. My manager had to give me a demerit for being late so that I wouldn't set a precedent.
  • Social Examples (Advance)
    1. If I let me daughter get away with not doing her homework it will set a precedent for my other children not to do theirs.
    2. We hope, by cleaning up this part of the beach it will set a precedent and others will follow suit and clean up other areas.
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