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room for (sth)

room for something
1) time, possibility, or space for something
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    • there is room for improvement/no room for error
  • Analysis

    The noun 'room' is sometimes used as a substitute for the word 'space' in English when talking about where something fits within a physical place. If you say there is 'room for' something, it means there is space for it or that something can fit. You can use this to talk about physical objects, 'there is no room for a desk over there' or you might say there is 'room for improvement' meaning there is a gap between your current level and where you are expected to be.

  • Social Examples (Advance)
    1. If the team is to be successful, everyone needs to pull their weight. That's why there's no room for laziness. 
    2. The price listed for the house is not final. I'm told that there is room for negotiation.
    3. I am completely full after dinner. I couldn't possibly make room for dessert.
  • Professional Examples (Advance)
    1. Time is not on our side to get this order completed, so there is no room for error!
    2. Our performance last year wasn't bad, but there is definite room for improvement. 
    3. There was very little room for maneuver in the architect's plans. It was too late to make any changes to the building.
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