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rip (sb/sth) off

rip offrip sb offrip sth off
1) present something as something it's not; charge more money than something is worth
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    • the car dealer ripped me off!
  • Analysis

    The phrase to 'rip somebody off' means to charge someone more money than something is worth. when you 'rip someone off' you overcharge someone or expect them to pay more money than is reasonable or fair.

  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. At the market, he tried to rip me off by selling me broken watches so I moved on to the next stall.
    2. The woman was sued for ripping off the same design seen on Chanel bags and passing it off as her own.
    3. Everything is so expensive today. People are getting ripped off all the time!
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. We always strive to provide value for money, the last thing we want to do is rip anyone off.
    2. This package doesn't meet our needs and its extremely expensive. It's quite a rip off if you ask me.
    3. If customers are overcharged you will never get their confidence back so it's important that they don't feel like you are ripping them off.
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