ramp up


1. increase the amount or speed of something






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ramp up pressure/production/security

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Ramp up is a phrase a verb meaning to increase something it is particularly used in economic's to describe a marked difference in production ahead of anticipated demand. To 'ramp-up' can mean to escalate the speed, power or cost of something.

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  1. The latest financial results showed another sharp drop in sales, ramping up the pressure on the CEO who has been largely blamed for the slide.
  2. If the manufacturer is to fill the large order, they will need to seriously ramp up production because things are moving far too slowly at the moment.
  3. The announcement of the merger ramped up share prices yesterday, leading the markets to close at a four-year high. 

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  1. The team are expected to ramp up the training in preparation for the final.
  2. It makes me so angry when local businesses ramp up their prices in response to an increase in tourism.

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