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raise a red flag

a red flag
1) a notification that there is a problem, something that draws attention to a problem
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    • You'll raise a red flag with your bad behaviour
  • Analysis
     A 'red flag' is a warning or an indication that an important issue needs your attention. People generally raise a red flag when there is an issue or they can visualize an upcoming issue ahead of time. You can also 'red flag an issue' or you can say, "This issue needs to be red-flagged". A 'red flag' is something that is considered 'a warning sign' or an indication that something is wrong. This is an idiom used in social and professional contexts.
  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. The girl's mother saw red flags in her daughter's relationship a long time before the problems began.
    2. The new homeowners thought they had chosen a nice place to live, but when a property in the area was broken into, it raised a red flag for them.
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. The employee took a long time to settle in, but when he got comfortable, he became rude, raising red flags for the Line Manager.
    2. When the company invested in new software, everybody was happy, but we raised a red flag when the glitches became apparent.
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