put somebody (on to/in touch with)


1. cause or help someone to connect or communicate with somebody/something






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let me put you in in touch with someone that can help

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If you put someone on to something it means to draw someone's attention to something interesting or useful. If you put someone on to something you give someone information or make someone aware of something or somebody that they did not have information about before. If you say someone is putting you on it can mean that you are worried someone is misleading, tricking or teasing you particularly in order to make a joke. If you're on a phone call and wish to transfer the person you are talking to somebody else you can say 'I'll put you on to Jack, he can help you with your problem.' To put someone in touch with somebody else means to help someone to communicate with somebody else by way of an introduction or by offering contact details.

Check Icon Social Examples (Basic)

  1. If you're not sure about what to do, let me put you in touch with a friend of mine. She might be able to give you some helpful advice.
  2. Mary was still having problems with her injury, so I put her on to my physio. She's doing great now!

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. The manager I handed my CV to said that the company wasn't hiring at the moment, but he was kind enough to put me in touch with another company that were.
  2. That is not the kind of work we are taking on at the moment but I can put you onto a company that have helped us out with something like this in the past.

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