put off


1. delay doing something, make it difficult for someone to do something






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put off doing something/put someone off their stride

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The phrasal verb 'put off'  has a number of meanings in English you can put off something meaning to delay doing it or to postpone something. "We will have to put off the Christmas party until the new year." If you try to 'put someone off' you make them wait for something or try to change their mind about wanting something. "Her father put her off getting a petrol car by telling her the cost of fuel was very high."  To 'put someone off' something also means to encourage them to actively dislike it. "Seeing my sister struggle with diabetes has put me off eating unhealthy food." "My mother-in-law's cooking has put me off eating meat." If someone 'puts you off' something it can mean they have distracted you or made it difficult to do something. "I was trying to study but the loud music from next door keeps putting me off." This is a popular phrasal verb used in social and professional contexts.

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. All this rain really puts me off the idea of going for a walk this afternoon.
  2. I need to stop putting off doing my class assignment and just crack on with it. The deadline is fast approaching.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. The meeting has been put off until tomorrow because so many people called in sick today.
  2. The noise from the class put Chris off his stride as he tried to give his presentation.

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