push the boat out


1. behave extravagantly (usually refers to spending habits)






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push the boat out and buy new clothes/car

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'To push the boat out' means to spend a lot of money on something, usually in order to celebrate. "When I make a really good sale in work, I like to push the boat out and celebrate by going out to dinner with my husband." "I don't see my friends very often so when we do meet up we like to push the boat out and go somewhere nice for cocktails." This is an idiomatic expression similar in meaning to 'I like to treat myself', 'extravagant', 'splash out' and 'splurge'.

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. The married couple really pushed the boat out on their honeymoon, leaving them with no money to buy a house.
  2. When he received a promotion, Colin pushed the boat out and bought a new car. It was really unusual for him to spend so much money.

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  1. This is a huge milestone for a company so I really want to push the boat out and organise a huge celebration of everyone's hard work.
  2. When I take clients to dinner I like to push the boat out and bring them somewhere impressive. I like restaurants that serve multiple courses which buys me more time to win my clients over.

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