1. promote a product or event






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use an interview/event to plug a new product

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When used as a verb 'plug' can mean to block or fill in a cavity, gap or hole. 'Plug' can also be used in place of 'to fill', or mean to place something in a way so it fills a void or an opening. 'To plug' a product, person or service means to mention something publically intending to promote it. 'To plug' someone or something can also mean to shoot or hit someone or something. (This use you will come across more often in American contexts.) To 'plug away at' something means to continue to do something difficult over time.

The noun 'plug' refers to any solid material used to block a gap or hole. The most common plug you will come across is a circular piece of rubber, metal or plastic which is used to stop water escaping from a bath or sink. In America, a 'plug' can also refer to a babies soother or dummy. A plug is a solidified piece of lava found in the neck of a volcano. A plant which consists of roots covered in soil and used for planting is also a 'plug'. The part of electronics which connects the appliance to the mains is a 'plug', as well as the socket that an electrical cord goes in to. If you give a person or product a 'plug' it means you promote something by talking about it or mentioning it publically. Tobacco can be sold in a 'plug', which is a quantity of the product taken from a larger cake of tobacco usually used for chewing. (This is an archaic use of the word 'plug' and not often used anymore.) In fishing, a lure that has a hook attached is known as a 'plug'. A 'plug' is also an abbreviation of 'fireplug' which can refer to a fire hydrant. In North America, a 'plug' can mean an old or tired horse.

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  1. The musician doesn't like giving interviews, so he only speaks to the media when he's plugging a new album.
  2. You can save water by using the plug to fill up the sink when you are washing up.
  3. There is a huge draft in the kitchen. I'll have to find a way to plug the gap underneath the door.
  4. I forgot to bring my adapter to Europe and all of the plugs were different. I had to buy a new charger for my phone.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Basic)

  1. When the entrepreneur was asked to deliver the keynote speech at a technology convention, she saw it as the perfect opportunity to plug her new app.
  2. Feel free to plug into the monitor if you'd like to give a presentation.
  3. We have agreed to pay the influencer a fee if they plug our product 5 times in the next month.

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push for come up (with)

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