perpetuate (something)


1. cause something to continue






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perpetuate the problem

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The word ‘perpetuate’ is generally used in a negative context to express the continuation of an unfair or dangerous situation or belief, though it can be used positively. Do not confuse this verb with the similarly spelled 'perpetrate’, which means to commit a criminal act. To perpetuate relates to the continuation of something indefinitely. Particularly, an unfair or dangerous situation, system, or belief. An obvious exception is when discussing preserving or 'perpetuating' the memory of something or someone, meaning to make the memory last. While common in a social context, professionally its use is limited to dealing with problems.

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  1. The politician believed that irrational fears over the economy were being perpetuated by the media.
  2. A monument was built to perpetuate the memory of those who lost their lives during the conflict.

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  1. Trying to fix the issue ourselves is merely perpetuating the problem. We need to bring in an expert.
  2. Four years developers have been perpetuating the myth that hosting a website costs thousands of dollars.
  3. We hope these new measures will help to perpetuate the values we consider important in our company.

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