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pass along

pass along
1) move from a higher level to a lower, move something on to someone else
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    • pass the issue along to a different department
  • Analysis
    To 'pass along' can mean to share or transmit information. To pass along can also mean to deliver something to someone else after receiving it from another person. To pass along can also mean to travel through or past a particular place. So you could say: "Twelve cars similar to yours passed along while we were waiting for you." A company can pass along savings or expenses to a consumer. To pass something along also describes the act of giving something or conveying information to someone for additional use; for example, passing along an email address.
  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. Jim asked if I would mind giving Rachel the birthday present he had bought for her as he couldn't attend the party. I told him that I would have no problem passing that along to her.

    2. We used to pass along music magazines to each other in school.

    3. I hate passing along the underground tunnel, it's dark and quite scary at night time.

  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. I know that computers are not where your strength lies, so if you encounter any issues on that front, pass them along to the IT Department.

    2. Since we have managed to slash our production costs we can pass along the savings to our customers.

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