1. above average, above the norm, better than average, excellent






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outstanding performance/review

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Something described with the adjective 'outstanding' might be exceptionally good or above average. "Your performance has been outstanding this year and for that reason, we have decided to give you a bonus." Something 'outstanding' can also mean something that has not yet been done or dealt with, such as a payment or 'outstanding work'. "Any outstanding invoices should be submitted by Wednesday for processing." This is an adjective used often in both formal and social contexts.

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  1. I enjoyed the play very much. The orchestra was outstanding.
  2. In an outstanding performance, the England Cricket Team defeated Australia and took home The Ashes.

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  1. I've been very successful this year, so I expect an outstanding performance review.
  2. I'm very passionate about providing outstanding customer service. We should always exceed expectations.

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exemplary above the norm

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