Expressions used in Everyday Spoken English in Social and Professional contexts

on (a) par with

on par withon a par with
1) equal to someone or something
  • How to MemorizePopularity HighProfessional HighSocial
    • the new book is on a par with his/her best work
  • Analysis

    To be 'on a par with' something means to be equal or comparable to something or someone in terms of quality or performance. 

  • Social Examples (Advance)
    1. The sequel was good, but it wasn't on a par with the first movie.
    2. His performance in that show was on a par with any professional I have ever seen.
  • Professional Examples (Advance)
    1. My wages since my promotion are only on a par with what I was getting before, but I have much more in the way of bonuses.
    2. Despite being relatively new, the quality of Anne's work was on par with senior figures within the company. I think she will go straight to the top.
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