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of a mind to

of a mind to
1) inclined or likely to do something
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    • To be 'of a mind' to do something
  • Analysis
    'I'm of a mind to' do something means to be inclined to or likely to do something, to literally 'make your mind up to do something' or to be thinking about it. This idiom is usually used as a threat to do something rather than actually take any action. It is an idiom you are more likely to hear colloquially in social situations.
  • Social Examples (Advance)
    1. My next-door neighbour keeps playing her music very loudly. I'm of a mind to go over there and give her a scolding!
    2. After discussing things with my wife, we're of a mind to approach the bank for a mortgage so that we can buy the apartment we are currently renting.
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. Ever since we signed the deal with the company, they have consistently failed to keep their end of the bargain. It's reached the point where frankly, I'm of a mind to just cancel the whole thing.
    2. I wonder if Tommi would be of a mind to take on a project like this. I think it would suit him
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