none the wiser


1. be unaware of something or fail to understand something even after it has been explained






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I did it without them noticing so they were none the wiser

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The expression to be 'none the wiser', means to not be any more knowledgeable or informed about something despite trying to learn about it or understand it. You might say you are 'none the wiser' about something if you still do not understand something even after it has been explained to you. "My friend spent half an hour trying to explain quantum physics to me, but I left the conversation none the wiser!" This expression can also be used when there is an element of deception or hiding information from someone else. "My son hates vegetables, so I chopped them up very small and blended them into his spaghetti sauce and he is none the wiser".

Check Icon Social Examples (Advance)

  1. I used my friend's car without permission while he was out of the house, but I returned it before he got home so he was none the wiser.
  2. My brother tried to explain what he does in work to me, but I was none the wiser. It sounds so complicated.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Advance)

  1. My boss spent half an hour explaining the process to me, but it was so convoluted that by the end I was still none the wiser!
  2. Even after months of back and forth between management and our union, the staff here are still none the wiser about whether there will be extensive job cuts.

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