Expressions used in Everyday Spoken English in Social and Professional contexts

mean/s the world to

means a world to
1) loved or exceptionally important to
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    • my family/friends/pet mean the world to me
  • Analysis

     If you say that something means the world to you it means it is extremely important to you, is heartfelt or loved by you. This idiom is often used to express gratitude for heartfelt gestures that are significant or meaningful. "The card you sent when I was sick was beautiful, it really meant the world to me."

  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. My family means the world to me, said the father when he was reunited with his wife and daughter.
    2. My dog has been my companion for twenty years. He means the world to me.
    3. I've worked so hard to get this far, so it would mean the world to me to get this job.
    4. It really meant the world to her when her friends turned up at the hospital.
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. As a person who comes from a low-income family the ability to sponsor this school meals program really means the world to me.
    2. Your support in helping me achieve my goals and nominating me for this award really means the world to me.
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