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knuckle down

knuckle down
1) begin to work hard at something
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    • knuckle down to work/study
  • Analysis
    'Knuckle down' means to take a task seriously and to work hard at it. This idiom is usually applied to studying and work. "I need to knuckle down if I want to be prepared for my exam on Friday." "I haven't been very productive at work recently but my boss has made it clear that I need to knuckle down." Similar in meaning to ' buckle down' ' pull your socks up' and 'put your head down'.
  • Social Examples (Advance)
    1. My boss warned me that my work on the project has been too slow lately. He wants me to knuckle down and get it finished.
    2. Your exams start in a week. Isn't it about time you stopped messing around and knuckled down to some work?
  • Professional Examples (Advance)
    1. We have a big opportunity on Thursday to present our ideas, so we have to knuckle down and prepare well.
    2. If I knuckle down for the day I can have the report with you by the close of business.
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