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keep (tabs/a tab) on sb/sth

keep a close tab onkeep a tab onkeep tabs onkeep a tab on somebodykeep tabs on something
1) to watch, track or monitor closely
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    • keep a tab on their work
  • Analysis
    When you 'keep a tab' or 'keep tabs' on something or somebody, you keep track of it or them and monitor it or them closely. This phrase can have a negative connotation, as it can portray surveillance or mistrust. Do not confuse with the phrase 'keep/run/have a tab' which means to run a bill in a bar or shop to be paid at a later time or date.
  • Social Examples (Advance)
    1. You need to keep tabs on him. The last time we did a project together, he didn't put in any work.
    2. It's hard to keep tabs on my family. Everyone is always so busy!
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. It is up to our supervisors to keep tabs on those working in their teams.
    2. Can you keep tabs on this client while I am away for a few days?
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