Expressions used in Everyday Spoken English in Social and Professional contexts

independent voice

independent voice
1) someone impartial, someone who doesn't take sides
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    • an independent voice on the team/board/jury
  • Analysis
     Someone who is ‘independent’ is not reliant upon or associated with another person or organization. They do not need help or money from anybody else. ‘An independent voice’ is a person speaking from a place of independence, who is not receiving support or funding associated with any of the things they are talking about. They, therefore, are in a position which affords them impartiality and the ability to be unbiased. A journalist or judge is a good example of an ‘independent voice’ on a matter. This is a formal phrase you are more likely to hear in professional environments.
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. It was clear that a more independent voice was needed on the Board of Management.
    2. After years of negotiation, the new Mediator would bring an independent voice to the table.
  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. State funding allows broadcasters to be an independent voice without the need for outside private sponsorship.
    2. Greta Thunberg has been a strong independent voice in relation to climate change and the environment.
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