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herd mentality

herd mentality
1) conforming one's behaviour or beliefs to that of the majority
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    • a display of herd mentality
  • Analysis
    To have a 'herd mentality' means to be influenced in decision making by the people around you and your peers as opposed to making rational decisions. A 'herd' is a collective noun for a group of animals such as cows or sheep and this idiomatic phrase means to behave like an animal - following the others instead of making independent choices and decisions.
  • Social Examples (Advance)
    1. A small group of protesters gathered outside the building, but their numbers soon swelled as people from the surrounding area came to join them in a classic display of herd mentality
    2. Thanks to herd mentality, a company's share price plummeted today when a small rise in sales of their stock led to wide-scale panic selling from alarmed shareholders.  
  • Professional Examples (Advance)
    1. Herd mentality in the workplace leads to bad decision making and a lack of creativity.
    2. I prefer to be in a role where I feel empowered to make decisions and to work autonomously. Herd mentality has never appealed to me.
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