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have the final say (on)

have the final say onhave the final say
1) to have the final word in an argument or to have the authority to make the ultimate decision
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    • have the final say on the matter
  • Analysis
    When you have 'the final say', it means you're the last person to speak or to have the last word in an argument or dispute. It can also mean the person or authority who has the power to make a final or ultimate decision on a matter. This is an idiomatic expression that can be used in social and professional contexts.
  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. My mother looks after most things at home but my Father always has the final say on any important decisions.
    2. Who has the final say on where we are going on holidays?
    3. You are so infuriating to argue with. You always have to have the final say.
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. You'll have to talk to Penny. She has the final say on any designs going to print.
    2. We can't allow our competitor to have the final say on this matter. We need to weigh in on this.
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