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have a (good) nose for

have a nose forhave a good nose for
1) have a natural ability to find or recognize something
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    • a good nose for a bargain
  • Analysis
    If somebody has the ability to sense, find, or recognize something of a particular type, it can be said that they 'have a nose for it.' It is important to specify, though, that this expression tends to refer to a talent or ability that is natural to somebody, rather than one learned or acquired. It can be used in either a social or professional context, and shares a similar meaning to the phrases 'sniff something out' and 'have an eye for something.'
  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. I like shopping with Emma because she has a good nose for a bargain.
    2. Our tour guide had a good nose for wine, he recommended some great ones to us from the region.
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. Our boss has a good nose for knowing when her staff are not all pulling their weight. She runs a very tight ship.
    2. Sam is an excellent journalist. He really has a nose for a good story.
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