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the low-down

the low-down
1) the most relevant information about something
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    • give someone the low-down about how something works
  • Analysis
    As an adjective 'low down' refers to something mean and unfair. "His low down behaviour doesn't reflect well on the organisation." "Her low down tricks have made her look bad in front of the managers." As a noun, 'the lowdown' refers to real facts or true information about something. "Daniel is new to the company, could you walk him through the office and give him the lowdown on what's going on?" "Our newspaper promises to give you the lowdown on all of our politicians each week." This is an informal expression used in both social and professional contexts.
  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. The great thing about having a friend who lives in the city is that he can give me the low-down on where to go and where to avoid before I move there.
    2. I think I'm going to arrange to meet with an advisor to get the low down on investment opportunities.
    3. John said you could give me the low down on what happened between Grace and Cian yesterday.
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. On my first day in my new job, the person assigned to show me the ropes gave me the low-down on how everything works in the office. It made settling in there a lot easier.
    2. Helen couldn't make it to the meeting yesterday, so when she got into work this morning she asked for the low-down on what she missed. We were happy to fill her in.
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