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give 110%

give 110%
1) to go beyond the parameters of the job description in order to complete tasks efficiently
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    • to get a promotion, I need to consistently give 110%
  • Analysis
    If someone tells you to give 110% they are asking someone to go above and beyond and to give a task or project their absolute maximum attention and effort. This expression can be used in many different environments - sport, business, personal relationships, etc. - to talk about doing your best or performing at maximum capacity.
  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. The coach told us to give 110% in our next match as it's a cup final.
    2. I was upset when my ex-partner left me, as I felt I gave 110% in our relationship. At least I'm happy with my new partner.
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. At my last performance review meeting, my Line Manager advised me to give 110% for the next six months, and that this would put me in a really good position to be considered for promotion.
    2. John smashed his sales last month, but I heard it's because he made one hundred calls per day and chased every lead the company had - even the cold ones. He worked hard and gave 110% all month, so it's no surprise that he got 'Employee of the Month'.
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