filter down


1. the slow movement of information or resources down to lower levels of an organization or population






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the filtering down of wealth/news/resources

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'Filter down' is a phrasal verb meaning something that moves from the top down to lower levels of a business or organisation. When something 'filters down' it moves downwards in a slow or gradual way. To filter down can also mean to remove solids from a liquid through layers or substrate. Similar in meaning to 'funnel down' 

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  1. Following the natural disaster, the government pledged an enormous sum of money for the rebuilding of homes and businesses. However, analysts have warned that it may be months before that money filters down to those affected.
  2. Water filters down into the cave from the ground above in a process that takes over three weeks.

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  1. After the sale was agreed at board level, it took a while for the news to filter down to members of staff who were left wondering about the security of their jobs.
  2. An increase in bookings has resulted in work filtering down and employment for new members of our team.

Check Icon Professional Examples (Advance)

  1. It hasn't just been the executives who have benefited from the company's highly profitable year, the wealth has also been filtering down to management level through the awarding of large bonuses.

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