Expressions used in Everyday Spoken English in Social and Professional contexts

equip (with)

equipequip with
1) provide someone or something with the things necessary for a particular purpose
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    • equip someone with the necessary information
  • Analysis

    The verb to equip means to supply someone with the necessary tools or items for a particular task or purpose. To equip someone can also mean to ensure they are mentally or physically prepared for something they are required to do.

  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. I have an old car, but I've equipped it with all the latest gadgets.
    2. I don't feel equipped to advise you on your relationship problems.
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. Alice works in a state-of-the-art hospital. It's equipped with the best of everything.
    2. This meeting is too important for you to go into unprepared, so make sure you equip yourself with all the necessary information.
    3. The goal of the course is to equip students with the skills needed to succeed in a very competitive industry.
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