1. causing harm or damage






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the detrimental impact of something

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'Detrimental' is an adjective describing something dangerous or which threatens to cause harm. Something might be detrimental if it might cause an accident in the future, such as a 'detrimental problem with the road'. It can also be used to talk about psychological or health effects 'a detrimental effect on health'. 'Constant criticism is detrimental to a child's wellbeing.' This is an adjective that is used more often in formal situations.

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  1. Local residents are concerned about the potential detrimental impact that the nuclear power plant will have on the surrounding countryside if plans to build it are approved.
  2. Pauline's active social life means that she has a lot of friends, but it is very much to the detriment of her marriage. Her husband is frustrated by the lack of time they get to spend together.

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  1. The decision to cut salaries across the board has been detrimental to staff morale. Management hope to improve the situation by offering generous bonuses for targets met.
  2. The company's marketing strategies have been detrimentally radical. Surveys have shown that customers prefer more straight forward advertising for such products.

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