Expressions used in Everyday Spoken English in Social and Professional contexts


1) reduce something in size or amount
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    • resources have been depleted
  • Analysis
    When something is depleted, it has lost an essential aspect to its existence or ability to function. This expression particularly refers to the diminishment of energy, money, or resources, so can be used in either a social or professional setting, though the former is more common. It is quite a formal term, and something more likely to be heard on the news, or in an academic or political environment.    
  • Social Examples (Advance)
    1. Being in the Sun all day has totally depleted my energy. I need to have a lie down.
    2. As the oil reserves in the country are depleting rapidly, the people there are bracing themselves for a potential recession.
    3. The ongoing depletion of the Rain Forest is a cause for great concern. Its environmental impact could be catastrophic.
  • Professional Examples (Advance)
    1. That failed venture has depleted our finances quite considerably. We'll have to tighten our belts for the next few months. 
    2. Once our fuel reserves are depleted we are switching to hybrid vehicles across the fleet to reduce our carbon emissions and to save money. 
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